Visit our Disc Golf Retail Store

Below are some photos of what we have in stock.  We will eventually have all of our inventory listed online, but we have a ways to go yet.

We have a special offer available, in store only, for any customer buying 3 or more discs at once.

Disc Golf is new to PB Sports, and is new to most of the employees.  Each employee is going through a training process to learn the basics of the discs and equipment.  For you more experienced players, we ask that you be patient with us, as many of you will have a lot more knowledge that we do at this point.  We are open to suggestions on how to improve our knowledge, product displays, etc. We are also open to suggestions on what to have in stock.  We are ready to listen!

We have flight charts available for all of the discs we stock to help you choose the best discs for you.  We have a couple complete sets of flight charts hanging on each display.