Bunker Kings V5 WKS Strapless Pack 4+7 - Sherwood Camo

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The Supreme Pack is the world's fastest pack, giving you a great advantage on the field. Load and unload the pack yourself in a split second 100% strap free. Welcome to the future of packs.

  • Precision made loops 
  • Don't lose any pods 
  • 100% strap free loading and unloading system 
  • Patent pending pod holding technology 
  • Holds your pods even when dirty 
  • Perforated foam 
  • Padded mesh 
  • Optimal ventilation, comfort and weight 
  • Friction huggers; extra friction that grabs on to the front of your waist as you apply the pack 
  • Lightweight extra tension bands with dual low profile tpr’s for easy tightening 
  • Fuzz free long lasting hook-and-loop fastener; No more wool looking hook-and-loop fastener
  • Belly comfort system - extra neoprene layer to avoid annoying waist band cutting in 
  • 270 degree elasticity - superior comfort, ergonomic and fit 
  • Back bonders - ergonomically correct placed friction increasers