Social Paintball Grit V4 Pants - Stealth Black - XL/2XL

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When first released, the Grit Pants set the industry standard for a light weight, high performance paintball pant. Now, after years of testing and listening to top-level player feedback, Social Paintball has released the Grit v4 Pants.

Designed with the tournament player in mind, they took a tried and true design, and tweaked it for the modern game – adding even more function to an already perfected form for the highest levels of tournament paintball.

With features that you’ve come to expect from the Grit Pant, such as double stitching, an adjustable waist, beefy zippers, dual barrel swab holsters, adjustable ankles, and a free-flow calf; the Grit v4 Pant comes new with lighter yet stronger fabric, slimmer athletic cut, brand-new Flex adjustable waistband, and flexible lower back zone to keep you unrestricted, and focused on the most important thing: moving on the field.

Plus, it comes with a stylish storage bag!

  • Lightweight: The mantra “speed kills” is a reality. We have taken every step to make sure it rings true for you, without sacrificing durability. We’ve made the v4 even lighter by using a lighter, yet stronger material.
  • Athletic Cut: You asked. We listened. We stripped down most of the padding and adjusted the v4’s profile to provide a slimmer, more athletic cut. Gone is the excess baggy material that you do not need.
  • Flex Adjustable Waistband: We went back to the drawing board to come up with this brand-new adjustable waistband system. While not one size fits all, the brand-new adjustable waist allows tournament players to tighten and loosen the pants without having a rigid piece of plastic that digs into their hip, keeping them secure on the field and easy to remove off the field. You can also use a belt with the additional belt loops.
  • Flexible Lower Back: We reconstructed the lower back zone and made it more flexible to allow for a wider range of motion when you are deep in the heat of battle. We kept the light padding in this area to protect your lower back with the right amount of protection without bogging you down.
  • Breathable Venting: “Swamp butt” is a real thing – adding venting in key locations, such as the crotch and lower leg area, allows us to keep you cool and, subsequently, on the field longer.